Healing with Horses – Earth Medicine


I received my second session of energy work with medicine horses Saturday morning, July 19th.  What came up for me was how symbolic self care is. I began to notice how much I needed to attend to myself this past year, and these lovely horses assisted moving this part of my journey further. As adults we need nurturing too and that is okay. Anyway, attending to my own needs is what the medicine horses have shown me in this visit. I feel the necessity in sharing this powerful information with everyone because what we do for ourselves does ripple to the people around us.

The first thing I ever experienced in healing with horses was the opening of my heart. That came to me in a dream. Something I had not experienced until earlier this year and it was as valid as being with them in person. After the release I had from this, the shift in my outer life can attest to the major changes that are occurring in my inner world! I feel freer from old conditioning patterns that were blocking me from experiencing really great things. Like doing art. I am amazed at how much creativity that is flowing through me now. Hence how there is an accumulation of knowledge around the subject of love, learning more on love has made my metaphorical library require more space for all of the growth to fit together. If there was anything I could encourage in this type of medicine work, is to face your deepest fears to the best of your ability. Because what we tuck away inside us is by far our greatest beauty in life. The work we do shows in the most beautiful ways possible. We just don’t know what we are capable of until we venture through!

Each session is inevitably different. Medicine horses have several identified and unidentified ways to move energy in the human body. You may find that a horse will nuzzle your head, your heart, or, releasing for you through their own bodily resources, such as peeing or pooping, yawning, or by working on each other.  What happens is they pick up the energy of who ever is near them and they clear imbalanced energy so as to bring you back in your body’s center. Sometimes to the naked eye, you can’t even tell they are working on you. So there is no predicting how the session is going to play itself out. Medicine horse’s presence are gentle, loving and compassionate. Another message that came through that surprisingly and not so surprisingly had something to do with family.

I feel blessed that family got mentioned in this session. I had not expected this to re-surface because sadly, I had gotten used to not having one after experiencing many instances of loss. But now I can see that I am accepting my soul family. In the feeling of it all, the definition and people involved is ongoing. Essentially, I’ve learned in Saturday’s horse therapy session, that when you are taking care of yourself you are contributing to your soul family Too. Now back to love!

Each of us has love to share, and it originates in us from our family of origins. One thing that stands out to me, our souls remember how to love, it is our human experience to learn and make that journey to self awareness and break down our barriers in life. It is evident to me now that love is a delicate subject. Pending on your experiences, and the type of learning you are meant to do, the way a person love’s will vary for each of you. I personally think love goes deep in our body’s because individually, love touches us close to our souls and so we can be initially scared. It’s as though we have this programming to be scared in love and go through the many initiation experiences to shed the layers to find our true authentic being. I have had significant learning around breaking down my own barriers to loving and will continue to learn. The learning around love has helped educate me to listen very closely for truth as that voice is often quieter than the ego who can sometimes override the sound of your inner truth.

self-care= spiritual awakening= true self-love. So it’s all connected.
I am proud to know how far I’ve come. Not just for myself but for my ancestors who I couldn’t be here without



My everlasting love

in moments of deep omission
I never anticipated the seasons to change as suddenly
Nor did I know the leaves would drop so soon or
For the Fall to fall so hard


I hold on for dear life
To keep everything at par
That was never enough
I watched you all go, leave me
one by one
While I remained in tact on the outside
How I made it through and you did not
Is behind me now
I wish I could have taken you all with me
Towards salvation
and once more see beauty through my eyes
That was never meant to be though

You must walk this path on your own, she said
No one can do it for you, she said

The Earth, my Mother

I wake up to a new dawn
Feeling all the gratitude at my finger tips
To notice all the goodness that there remains

But I’m afraid, I say

It’s okay, she said
For this is a new world, you may walk forth now
In this new way

You will be alright

Create your world in love

“Make a home for eternal spirit in your heart. Notice what thoughts create tension or anxiety and choose to release them. To the degree that anxiety taints your motivation, to that same degree, you are less effective in all you do, for spirit is then denied access to your mind and heart, and you, in a literal sense, are not fully present.
“The process of relaxing all thoughts that require tension to sustain them is a process of relaxing habits of the past and awakening to the reality of your own spiritual presence.
“It is a process of losing interest in fearful ways of walking upon the earth and chosing to create your world in love through the action of your open heart.
“Should you perceive a problem, you surround that problem with love. You define it in love. You recognize that it is caused by the lack of love that lies behind all problems. And with love, you introduce the understanding that provides the solution.”
~Ken Carey from Return of the Bird Tribes

So you want to talk about racism


So you want to talk about racism

“I am talking about how to love. Not in the superficial, “let’s just treat everyone the same and bake a cake of rainbows and smiles and eat it and be happy” sense, but about the kind of love that hurts. The kind that is complicated, the kind that struggles to breathe, that leaves bloody hand prints on the side of the face. I am talking about the fact that if we are to be quite honest, we already know that there are no final answers to your questions, have always known. “