My everlasting love

in moments of deep omission
I never anticipated the seasons to change as suddenly
Nor did I know the leaves would drop so soon or
For the Fall to fall so hard


I hold on for dear life
To keep everything at par
That was never enough
I watched you all go, leave me
one by one
While I remained in tact on the outside
How I made it through and you did not
Is behind me now
I wish I could have taken you all with me
Towards salvation
and once more see beauty through my eyes
That was never meant to be though

You must walk this path on your own, she said
No one can do it for you, she said

The Earth, my Mother

I wake up to a new dawn
Feeling all the gratitude at my finger tips
To notice all the goodness that there remains

But I’m afraid, I say

It’s okay, she said
For this is a new world, you may walk forth now
In this new way

You will be alright