Ravens show their luminous presence

Day to day the exchanges vary

Our interactions have rapport and continue to build

to be cultivated

They tell me messages

I may not understand

Soon  you can be sure I will find out

Not because I seek but because I allow and accept

What today means

tomorrow unfolds


They are with me

As they guide me

Their energy suggests to trust the way

I know in my heart and soul

My black feathered friends

Were sent here from the heavens

They see me as they see all of us

The entanglement of our destinies

the unlearning of wired conditioning

Each of us embody light and dark

Raven unveils our infinite possibility

It is through our own darkness where transformation into light can occur

Here I bring you the knowledge that which has filled me in this life,

I believe to be shared for truth

In ways words cannot solely explain on their own

Pave the roads to life’s bliss

find it inside of you

May you fear not, my friend

May my love come to you with ease when you fear again


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