Depression and Its Stigma

Really good blog entry, I have really felt like this except with my own uniqueness in there.


I’m about to share some very personal information with you. It’s not going to be pretty, or feel good, or perhaps even make sense. It could be more prudent of me to keep to myself, but I’m accepting a challenge from Kevin Breel. He’s a courageous young man who gave a TedxYouth talk titled “Confessions of a Depressed Comic.” (It’s only eleven minutes long, and I encourage you to watch it.) At the end of Breel’s speech, he implores us to help the sufferers of depression by doing our part to help end its stigma. The stigma is, as Breel says, very real, and it plays a large role in keeping those who are depressed from getting the help they need. I agree with Breel that maybe the first step in ridding our society of the ignorance and shame surrounding depression is to talk openly about it. So here I go.

I suffer…

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