Emotional Flashbacks management and descriptions

Emotional Flashbacks management and descriptions

In learning about colonization, and Ive noticed as Indigenous people, we have all been effected by trauma in some shape or form . Sadly, some quite more severe than others. Depending on the family’s personal resources that were/are available during the breakdowns of family.

Mind you, just bare in mind this horrific spiral in families is inexplicably rooted in the jurisdiction of the Canadian nation state, where they legally enforced Native child removal from their Native families; and only to Native families was this ever legally constituted. So now, up this point once family separation occurs, healthy early childhood attachment is jeopardized. Therefore, as a result each family’s established pattern of abuse develops into varied forms.

I believe its the original trauma in the family which doesn’t get resolve  eventually could lead breakdown of the surviving persons ability to emotionally and mentally function. As it is my understanding, these trauma effects get more severe as a new generation is born, provided if not dealt with right away.

It is my personal belief to contribute to the healing of all people. Especially my own people, because all personal work we do requires to begin from ourselves. Only then will we have the ability to give from our hearts and spirits. Like the  path paved from our ancestors. A true gift.



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