Power struggles in marriage and intimate relationships.

So much learning in my life I tell yeah.. take a read if you like

Maxine Gower, LCSW, NCPsyA Psychotherapist


Here is my latest piece on power struggles that commonly occur in intimate relationships. I hope you find it helpful. Please see the other article I have for couples on my website as well as information on couples counseling and marriage counseling on the “Sevices” page of my website: http://www.maxinegower.com

I also have other articles on my site on adolescents, parents, grief/loss, fertility and aging and separation/divorce under the “Articles” heading or you can navigate to these articles from the “Services” page. (Simply click on “Services” tab above.)

Power Struggles in Marriage/Intimate Relationships.

When we come from our respective families, we have different ways of seeing, being and acting. Our differences can be both interesting and stimulating, as well as hard to comprehend and difficult to tolerate. We come to our marriages/relationships with beliefs and sets of assumptions that can be very different from those of our partners and…

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