This was so relevent for me.. so Im sharing

“So if we won’t forget past grievances, let us forgive. Carrying the ghosts of past grievances no vale la pena. It is not worth the grief. It keeps us from ourselves and each other; it keeps us from new relationship. We need to cultivate other ways of coping.”
Gloria E. Anzaldúa
Water holds memory, especially when frozen. Generations from now it looks as though ice may be a thing of the past, only temporary I am sure, but our world is thawing out at a rapid pace. As this happens we are sure to uncover and also lose great amounts of information stored for millions of years in the icy caps of our planet. Water holds memory, tears well up as we re-member a piece of our past, a part of our humanity and the unyielding testament to the human spirit that is our ability to forgive great transgressions. Water holds memory, the memory of our ancestors, their wisdom and their pain, their past and their wishes for our future. Like the orca whales that joyfully surrounded a Washington state ferry carrying ancient artifacts back to their rightful home, that of legendary Chief Seattle, the water and its creatures know which way justice flows. Water holds memory, and when a memory resurfaces it’s for the sake of our healing as water also washes wounds clean. Water holds memory, but it also distorts our vision, at least until it has evaporated from our lenses latest washing. Honor the memories by seeing them, releasing them and renewing your commitment to the present moment, resisting nothing that arises.



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