NEW MOON in VIRGO September 5, 2013

Virgo NEW MOON is here bringing into alignment and integration all we have been learning and growing into. We have been going through some deep shifts as we birth our new selves into being, shedding our skins in favor of  more authentic forms…
Virgo is the sign of healing and service and as we continue to do the internal work of self-healing, we come to know and remember who we really are. Beyond our story, beyond the ego, we are humbled by the remembrance of who we are and from this place we naturally extend forth in service. It is time to be who we are, and tune in to how we can serve. 
We are children of the Earth, beyond boundaries, beyond nationalities, beyond beliefs. It is time for us to embody what we know and take action by >>>affecting change through example<<<
This energy is encapsulated by this VIRGO NEW MOON and as we shift into a new cycle, a new season, we tune to this energy which calls us to merge our passion and work with service.
I have so much more to share about this which is feeling so potent right now and is echoing from every direction so more to come…In the meantime soak in these resonant insights from our featured astrologers who positively interpret and communicate the shifting tides…
Here are MYSTIC MAMMA’s Astral Insights….
First from the always wise Cathy Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“It’s time to integrate everything we’ve learned about ourselves this year…This Virgo New Moon opens us to planting the seed of our wholeness, both the ‘perfected’ parts that Virgo strives for and the wounded parts we are healing.
“We are still immersed in a grand water trine comprised of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces.  With Chiron opposing this Virgo New Moon, it channels this water trine, pouring the healing waters into our Virgo purpose, helping us see our needs (Jupiter) and our shadows (Saturn).
We get a truer picture of ourselves as we heal the old wounds… Chiron is a bridging energy between our concrete ‘reality’ and other dimensions of reality.  As we open ourselves to the spiritual realities of life and heal, we begin to accept parts of ourselves which patriarchy would have us deny: our feminine consciousness and wisdom, our need for community and support, and our need for true partnership between women and men.  Equal partnership means we are equal but different.  We are meant to complement each other. “
“… It’s time to Know what we really believe. Mercury, the ruling energy of Virgo, symbolizes how we use our mental energy—how we come to understand life.  At this New Moon it is unconnected to any other planet, so we get a chance to be really objective about what we want out of life.  In a few weeks (September 14-19) Mercury will become part of the Uranus/Jupiter/Pluto energies, helping us to see the big picture and think outside the box.  
“The Sabian symbol for the New Moon at 14* Virgo is: An aristocratic family tree.  This is an image of ‘The Tree of Life’—of our genetic and soul history.  Dane Rudhyar says it indicates a deep reliance upon the ancestral roots of individual character.  Our true power comes from our soul’s purpose, which has been built up through many lifetimes to meet the needs and challenges of our times.  We all have it in us to do what only we can do.  We have to believe that we are here to serve the world so we can understand what we are called to do.  One returns to the roots in order to produce the flowering of personality, if this flower is to bring forth a living seed. (DR)”
“…What is your new Creation?  What have you apprenticed yourself to this year?  We have been in a long and hard labor.. “
“What have you given birth to this year?  With Neptune and Chiron in Pisces opposite Virgo, the Creative Imagination—the realm of the collective unconscious—is leaking through into our daily routines.  Hopefully, you’re letting your imagination, your intuitions, your feelings and your ideas feed how you’re living your life.  How do you treat your body?  How are your thoughts creating your reality?  Are you acknowledging your feelings and intuitions?  Are you open to the messages of Spirit?  You and I are infinite, and yet we’re just drops in the ocean of infinity.  Manifest your drop of infinity! “
“…How can we change the world unless we know ourselves?  How can we bring to birth our purpose if we do not know what we are capable of?  Virgo helps you with this part of life—to see all of you and rejoice!”
“This Virgo New Moon calls us to service—we are here on Earth at this time in history to be agents of change and growth.  Discard what no longer serves your life.  Re-balance yourself.  Know yourself.”
© Copyright 2013 ~Cathy Pagano  All Rights Reserved



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