Kayaking in Tradish Territory

I’m still in my ancestral territory, and its prime middle of the summer right now. I am having the best time in shishalh so far. There is much learning to do wherever we go I figure. I love it too. Even though sometimes shit gets rough.. theres emaculate amounts of benefits that are birthed out of these struggles we have. Especially when we allow ourselves to endure them to its fullest.

This past weekend, I went Kayaking with some girlfirends, and I gotta say, I had the most adventurous fun with them. We were all easy going, funny, light hearted and willing to share and make things work out for all our benefits. That kind of collectivity is what life should be about! Being on the land like that.. made me realize what we would really have to do if civilization, corporate greed and consumption collapsed. It reminds me of what my ancestors had to do to survive and gather for the coming winters. That kind of preparation takes skill and knowledge. This is something we transmit to our children, and now this is something that very same fashion of oral transmission has been lost. However, that way can be re-found, and I believe that kind of soul remembering is coming back, just in different forms.

such a beautiful thing. I just feel so alive right now, and free. I love it!

Keep bringing the good times and sharing the knowlege of our oral history, because its that transmission of knowledge that can encourage us all. I’m not saying academic education doesn’t have its place, Im just in the soul learning of it all, and I’m pretty sure the deeper senses require a kind of nurture that academia cannot provide.

Anyway.. Till next time. Take good care šŸ™‚


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