Officially in Shishalh

Hello All,

I am now in my home traditional territories of Shishalh …In english-colonial terminology, this is in British Columbia Canada.

It feels really great to be living back here since I left two years ago. A lot of social scene here has changed since I left. I realize change is inevitable, however, its the kind of change that my spirit dreams of in this human existence. So I am so happy to be here again, because it feels healthy and I feel sincerely confident living my life in the ways I need to for the duration of 3 or four months Im here for.

I arrived here on my birthday, Sunday May 19th, 2013. I traveled from Lekwungen with a friend and we made our way through Vancity together,  then we parted ways. I continued on the journey catching busses and one last ferry over to my final destination. This only took another couple hours to do.

Right now, I writing this while I am on my lunch break at work for my band office and thought I would update my latest adventures.As far as I know,  this Summer, I will be helping with our Rights and Title office updating our database, as well as working  to restore our cultural museum.

Everything here has filled me with me such joy as I am pretty sure I will be additionally hitting up the land more and more during my stay here; In saying, I am currently envisioning the things I would like to do, as so by hoping to manifest into reality. Which I look forward to reaping the rewards of such.

Conversely, the morning of me leaving Lekwungen, I went for a cold water spirit bath with two other women, and I want to share that this experience was so beautiful. My personal outlook, felt like it was the most beautiful bath I have ever had. My feeling around this is so strong, because on this morning doing so revealed to me since having bathed for years now, I can now endure the cold water like never before. My current level of knowledge showed itself the fruit of my bearings that morning. I could tell this happens over time. So to carry on, near the end of my prayers in the water, I had gotten dressed..then sat on the beach side with my two sister friends. I sang a song or three but, on the second song I decided to sing the “going home” song since I was going home and the others who aren’t from here, well this song acknowledges them in their own ways as well. Anyhow just when I was starting the first verse.. a humming bird rose up above a bush in my general direction, and proceeded to fly over all three of us. What comes to mind every time I see one are these words “when you see a humming bird, healing will soon follow”, and its followed by a powerful feeling! Which can be translated to love.

To conclude this blog entry, when we are about to leave in the car, an eagle and a raven following right behind flew horizontally in front of us! Again.. another strong affirmation of our presence being acknowledged by the ancestors.

I am so grateful to be living and healing in this life. Now onto some adventuring too!

Much love and light to you all

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs 🙂


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