Let the Love Remember (A poem I wrote recently)

  I let the love remember

 Like on summer’s day

 When I was watching your eyes like the ocean

 Glistening, they were as if the waving was going

 This way and then that way

There were steps towards

In the doorway

I know of this because I could see

Your foot prints once more

Imprinted, solidly into the earth

And slowly,

over time

They disappeared

The last day I saw you

 My light was not as bright as before

 Like when you last felt my touch

 Alas, I will still let the love remember

 In all of it’s unforgettable forms

 And those times

 Where my cheeks hurt

  From laughing so hard

  As if my heart could laugh a life time

  Remembering, the patience it takes to really know what is true

  The fear that I embarked upon

  Was never to let me down

  Now I remember how to truly feel

  Letting something be free

  Into the wild

  To the original place where “wild” didn’t have its name

  I rose thereafter life released its holding

 Just at the right time

 Continuously unfolding

 As I was told it would



In what I was capable of

Up to now

All the leading causes

Broke the dam I had built up

It was as timely difficult to build as was the building of Rome’s Empire

For now, however,

I am in a place I call home

I hope I never go through all that like that again

telling myself…

 To just be

 For now, how might one see?


  and love

 one another

 Once more

 In this I shall beam

 of heart and soul

 to begin again


Copyright. MargaretBriere


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