Eagles Soaring

This post is from yesterday and because I lost the website to my original blog set up, I wanted to re write this one.

I had a really trying day yesterday because I have been care giving my Father who is now a senior and suffers with mental illness-schizophrenia (Root issue is unresolved trauma). So unfortunately, his mental capacity to cope is sometimes not really strong. Bless his spirit as I mention this. Hes still such a strong man to have come this far in life even though there’s tragedy in his life. For this I acknowledge deeply. To keep this short, I prayed after a conflict him and I had while he’s been living with me (In my small apartment). I prayed so much and cleansed my body and spirit with sage. This time, I asked for a lot of things like “please show me you’re with me today, and in ways that I will listen” and I left it alone once I asked for this. Soon after, I was walking down the street trying to carry on with my day even though heavy things are happening from left right and center. What do I see?  A flock of flying birds high up in the air. At first glance, I thought they were just seagulls, but then noticed how high they were. So I kept on walking and looking up. In my heart and spirit I knew that they were eagles. But my head kept on wanting to make sure.. sure enough they followed me down the street, I still wasn’t sure because I thought I may have been making this up in my head. So I go around the corner to make my way to the bus stop, and sure enough again they were still flying above me! Now, in my culture this is a very powerful message. I knew my ancestors were with me instantly now, so I gave my thanks in a quiet humble tone aloud, then they all quickly dispersed. Before they all disappeared, I counted them and there were eight of them. The same number that showed themselves for a week straight, one per day except second to the last day there was two of them, this happened before I left to go home in Shishalh territory two years ago! in addition, I am leaving in just days away to live in Shishalh once more. True Story.

How beautiful hey


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